Genital Herpes Information

Did you know that one out of every five Americans have Genital Herpes? Many people don’t even know they have Herpes! This is because for some, the symptoms can be so mild that they are virtually unnoticeable. But for others, it’s a huge problem. They experience aches in the genital and anal areas, swollen glands, leg pain, and even flu-like symptoms. Each outbreak tends to last between two to three weeks and there is no cure.

Genital Herpes can be mistaken for bites and other skin problems, so it’s wise to check with a doctor before self diagnosing. Once you get Herpes, you may experience outbreaks only a few times, but the virus will stay in your body and remain contagious. For most patients, outbreaks occur several times a year for many years, but tend to decrease in frequently as they get older.

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